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No Surprise Fees.

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why us?



We are Real Estate Lawyers!

We are a group of like-minded lawyers and staff that work as one cohesive unit to make Real Estate law simple and hassle-free for your already busy lives. Check out our bios for more.


is Bayfront Law?

Approachable, Inclusive, Transparent, Innovative and Client-focused.

Our goal is to be as forward thinking as possible and we want to de-mystify the legal process and make your move as smooth as possible.


are our core values?

Call us whenever!

No matter what step of the process you are at (thinking about a move, have a signed deal, or we're in the process of completing your deal), we are open to discussing to help guide you. Check our contact section.


is it time to call us?


We have access to:

1) The Land Registry Offices in every Ontario jurisdiction

2) Every financial institution province-wide (banks, credit unions, etc.)

3) Remote signing closings. Sign and close from anywhere with internet.


do we service?

A focus on Real Estate law expertise.

We firmly believe in the policy that focus breeds expertise.  We intend to make sure we are leading minds in the field so that we are able to help no matter the legal issue.


a focused practice?


We are as brick and mortar as necessary, or as online as you elect. In our new post-COVID world, we have focused on ways to limit community spread, which has lead to innovative technological solutions to signup and closing.



done online?

Yes! We're always happy to discuss.

If you want to discuss price, process or any concern you have we are always available by phone and email.  If we don't answer right away, we will be back to you as soon as possible.


you call to discuss?

Not your father's lawyer.

Our intention is to be as accessible, approachable and transparent as possible.  We do this by building personal relationships with clients, being upfront about our pricing and not making the law more complicated that it needs to be.


are we different?


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our people.



Lawyer and Founder of Bayfront Law

Proud dog-dad to Atticus and DIY home renovator extraordinaire, Matt spends his free time investing in creative projects, competing with his friends in athletics and boardgames, and catching up on the latest Netflix stand-up comedy special.


Since attending Queen’s University Law School, Matt has spent the last few years working with industry-leading real estate and commercial lawyers and clients. With a ‘people-first’ mindset, he understands the importance of truly knowing his clients in order to provide the best experience possible. Matt is excited to channel his knowledge and passion for law into the development of his latest project, Bayfront Law.

"It's nice to be important but more important to be nice." 

- The Rock                     

-J. Templeton

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Lawyer and Founder of Bayfront Law


A bold and ambitious dreamer and builder, Santiago is passionate about pushing boundaries, removing barriers, and improving accessibility in law.


In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and keeping up with the latest technologies. Santiago is also a dedicated family-man as a proud new father to baby Elise, who affectionately calls him “Daddo”.


An experienced lawyer trained in transactional law at one of Canada’s top law schools, Santiago is one of less than 100 Spanish speaking lawyers in Ontario. He founded Bayfront Law with his friend Matt and looks forward to providing a progressive, seamless, and transformative experience for his clients.

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Bayfront Law Professional Corporation

722 Main Street East

Hamilton, Ontario

L8M 1K9

Office: 905-544-8020

Fax: 866-865-9680

Santiago Cell: 905-570-3356

Matt Cell: 519-871-2356

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